Do you require engineer drawings or plans?

There can be a few instances when a retaining wall can be installed on residential properties under exempt development where no council approval is required when certain, general criteria is met. Please check with your local council regarding their specific limitations as each council may have different requirements. This information can usually be sourced on your local councils’ website.

Such general criteria may include (and may not be limited to) the following:

  • The retaining wall does not exceed a maximum height of 600mm (some councils may have a lesser maximum height allowance- again please check with your local council)
  • The retaining wall should be installed within a minimum distance of 1m from all lot boundaries (some councils may have a different minimum allowance- again please check with your local council)
  • The retaining wall should be installed separated from any other retaining wall by a minimum length of 2m (some councils may have a different minimum distance allowance- again please check with your local council)
  • Other criteria for Exempt Development of the construction of retaining walls in detail can be found in the State Environmental Planning Policy under the Exempt & Complying Development Codes which is accessible at

For further information on requirements check out our engineering specs here:

If your wall is structural, quite tall and/or retaining a lot of soil or heavy rock etc. you will require some form of engineering plan. If you are submitting your plans to council you will often need some form of engineering plans also. Your council should be able to advise you if your submission requires this.

Not sure where to start?

In general, a civil engineer is sought out to provide solutions on Roads, buildings, dams and water treatment etc. A structural engineer will concentrate on design, building and/or analysis of structural (load bearing/resisting) structures.

Royals & Co have sourced contact information for both structural and Civil engineers to help you on your way*.

Engineers listed are able to help you with the following:

  • Preliminary Advice
  • Innovative engineering solutions & design
  • Site inspections
  • Structural/Engineer drawings
  • And more!

*Disclaimer: Excaliber have supplied the details of independent civil & structural engineers as a guide and informational starting point only. As ALL Engineers listed on/through this website are independent of Royals & Co Landscaping supplies Pty. Ltd we are not responsible for any contracts, contractual obligations, works, payments or agreements reached between any party (public or engineer) regarding engineer plans/contracts. Contact details are offered through our website as a complimentary informational service only.

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