Randomstacker Sleepers – Oak


**Special manufacturing order**

Special manufacturing orders can not be returned or swapped for other goods. All special manufacturing orders will be paid for in full before manufacturing and are not refundable after payment.

Per Sleeper Pricing.

53kg each
1.555m x 190mm x 75mm

Excaliber sleepers are currently available in the following colours, please contact for colour combinations not pictured. Colour samples biscuits are available for $7 each.



A more organic feel to a Stacker stone, making it more homely. Use plain and light colours for a more contemporary look, or incorporate slashes to mimic natural surfaces.

Great for Scandinavian, Farm house and Coastal designs.

– Excaliber Sleepers are built to Australian Standard (AS4678)
– Constructed with reinforced concrete
– 50MPA concrete

Random stackerstone Sleepers

Random stackerstone Sleepers


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